Faber-Castell fountain pen doesn’t function

One of my favorite fountain pen is Faber-Castell’s Ambition Black…
It wasn’t an expensive one…it only cost $70, but I really loved its touch and clear, beautiful ink tracks on paper. Somehow, the pen doesn’t work well recently.

The tip was definitely stock and needed a throughout clean up.
I don’t have time for this anyway.

I only own 5 or 6 fountain pens. Faber-Castell was my favorite.
Pelikan takes the second place then Parker.
Since my Faber-Castell performed weirdly…I found the most used one became Parker….

Either I am gonna stick on Parker or change the tip for Ambition Black…
or…buy a new Faber-Castell…cheaper or more expensive one.

I really shouldn’t spend too much money on these….
Just can’t help myself.

Even all data go electronic, pen and papers won’t ever disappear, as long as enthusiast like me exists.



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