Natasha O’keeffe = Sadie in British Lesbo TV series "Lip Service"

I really really crashed into Sadie’s dressing style, tones and behaviors.
The actress, Natasha O’keeffe’s face is exactly the type that I like.
A more shocking news is that…she’s in the same age as me….
OMG…she looks so gorgeous in the photos and the TV series.
In the TV series “Lip Service", Sadie might look like a complexed, confusing character….
But all she did is totally follow her protocols….
…Oh…I can’t write this in English. Hard to express my exciting and bra bra….
600full natasha o keeffe

Tumblr m2uy8h6kGf1qzmjfxo2 250
Tumblr m3a4yskQKC1r4cv2ho2 250 Tumblr m3dxwxef8R1qckyxyo1 r1 500
Tumblr m4u9blGEoC1qenqj6o2 400
Tumblr m4u9blGEoC1qenqj6o3 1280
Tumblr m4adb1bvzE1rrf0xyo1 500
Tumblr m4u9blGEoC1qenqj6o1 1280
Tumblr m4u97hua3f1qenqj6o1 500
Tumblr m4ovln1xdb1qzmjfxo1 r1 500Tumblr m4ovln1xdb1qzmjfxo2 500
Tumblr lcxov8OmXh1qzmjfxo1 500
↑ My favorite shot
正翻 美爆了……..美到爆棚了 Sexy HOT!
天呀我真的好喜歡黑長直髮 齊瀏海+大紅嘴唇的打扮
我想想…這…這不就跟Emily Prentiss一樣嗎!?
好吧我真的很喜歡這種hair and dressing style


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