Black Swan

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This is REALLY a fantastic thriller I’ve seen recently.

In my opinion, the way the film staffs show the pursuing of extremity of ART is pretty good and intriguing.

I rarely watch ballet.
My sis very like it. Influenced by her, I can somehow understand the beauty and the passion of it now.

And I think this film deal this theme in a brilliant way.

The strong instinct from our heart deep, and the wicked thought of our own.
People can look fragile but some time, break out. Going crazy.
Intensed. Surpressed. In the same time. Lose control, lose oneself.

All of us do. The scales of some people seem larger, some smaller.

To transform strong contridiction and insanity into ARTs(any kind of it) is the only way out.
This is what be named “sublimate" in psychology.
And I really love this idea.

Maybe every people should and be forced to show themself out on the stage called the world.
(borrowing from some Shakespeare’s style. The stage.w)
Not only to the audience, but also to themself.

I think everyone should surpress their most deep, dark feeling in daily life for not hurting others.
But if one’s impulse is too strong, they cannot control it well, well then, please go for metal hospital.
They will be very welcome u!!! I am sure!
And if one has the same problem, but they deal it well, even more, if they can sublimate it into art.
I admire U. Please be my muse.
The world needs U definitely!!!
At least I desperately need!!!!!!!!

Thx god and brilliant staffs gave me a chance to see a good movie in the end of this year.


Tomorrow I want to start my plan.

1. Try to scan some papers and to digitalize them.
2. Write down three poems of Japanese, English and Italian. Translate it.
I really need to practice more and more…
I cant bear myself…so stupid and fucking lazy.
3. Work…on my damn translation.
4. Keep running. (Even it’s damn cold out there.
5. Finsh the movies I planed to watch but didn’t yet.




OK. Now I am done my memo work.
My amnesia is truly bad recently…

Go to sleep. Ciao Ciao.


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